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Andrea Doig

The Australian born singer Andrea Doig first completed her Piano performance degree at the Adelaide Conservatorium, South Australia, before beginning her voice studies. In 1997 she founded the Renaissance Duo Cantus Unicornis, with regular performances in Australia, including the popular Melbourne Winter Festival. She then continued her vocal studies with Cornelius L. Reid in New York, Carol Forte in Toronto, and Susanne John in Bonn.

Andrea has lived in Frankfurt, Germany, since 1999. She performs in concerts regularly throughout Germany, has toured Hungary and Italy, and has appeared as guest artist on cruises in Europe and Australia.

Ilona Sandor

Ilona Sandor studied piano and chamber music under Katalin Nemes and György Kurtág at the Franz-Liszt College of Music in Budapest. Following this she studied at Munich College of Music in Ludwig Hoffmann's master class, and completed her studies with the concert examination.

Prize winner at the International Piano Competition in Finale Ligure. First prize in the International Kuhlau Competition. As a sought-after piano accompanist she has accompanied artists in the Geneva International Piano Competition, the ARD Competition in Munich, with the German Music Council and the Podium of Young Artists.

Regular concert appearances in solo and chamber music. Lecturer at College of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. Member of the Carillon Ensemble, the Trio Animato, the Salon Ensemble Café Hungaria. Ensemble-pianist with the Johann Strauss-Orchestra, Frankfurt.

Nils Nolte

Flautist and singer, Nils plays in the bands "Carter3", "An Tor" and the duo "Ginger". As a guest musician (or studio musician) he has played with Pas de Quoi, Shaskeen, Goo Birds Flight, Reamonn, Tom Bombadil Folkband and Gout d'Hier, among others.

1996 he was awarded the distinction Best Solo Instrumentalist by the Deutsche Rockmusiker-verband (German Rock Musician Association). He teaches in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt and at workshops in Germany and France.

In 2008 Nils, together with the guitarist Klaus Feketics, was the first German flautist to publish an Irish Flute Album. Recordings of the duo "Ginger" can be purchased from Leiselaut.

"From his flute he entices not only tender but also rhythmically aggressive sounds, and with this energy he builds up every session to a (musical) explosion. NILS NOLTE's playing is not modelled on anybody else's but enchants the listener with a character all of its own." (Folker! 2003)

Jürgen Schmitt

Started playing drums at 17. Through his interest and participation in the teaching of all kinds of music styles there followed further development on congas, cajon and the widest possible range of percussion instruments. During this time he played both in his own bands and as guest musician in other band projects.

10 years ago he discovered the Irish frame drum, the bodhran, which he has studied intensively for the last 6 years and which has now become his preferred percussion instrument for the greatest possible range of musical styles. These include his own acoustic trio Steppin' Stone, which he founded in 2009.

Barbara Mayr

1974: First harp lessons from Ragnhild Kopp-Mues in Munich.

1981: Talent award from Bayerischer Musikrat (Bavaria Music Council). Studies begin under Prof. Giselle Herbert at the staatliche Hochschule für Musik (State Music College) in Würzburg.

1985/86 and 1988: International master classes under Prof. Pierre Jamet in Gargilesse, France.

1989: Selection by Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council) for the "30. Bundesauswahl Konzerte Junger Künstler" ("30th National Concert by Selected Young Artists"). Artists' State Examination with Distinction. Teaching post at the staatliche Hochschule für Musik (State Music College) in Würzburg.

1990: Study of contemporary music under Prof. Francis Pierre in Paris. World première of a harp duet by Harald Genzmer. Award of the Bayerischer Staatspreis für junge Künstler (Bavaria State Prize for Young Artists).

1991: Master class diploma. Engagements in Reutlingen and Regensburg.

Since 1992: Solo harpist at the Oper Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt Opera House).

Since 1999: Member of Bayreuth Festspielorchester (Festival Orchestra).

Regular concert appearances at home and abroad. Television and radio recordings.

"Andrea has taken well known melodies and added her haunting Irish lilt. The effect is wonderful to the ear. The soft lyrics accompanied by piano, harp, and flute resonate within my soul."

Curry Walker

"Serenity is a beautiful treat to the ear that recharges the soul with dreaminess and wonder. Andrea's voice lifts these 16 timeless classics to new heights."

David P. Steel, Copywriter

"This CD is a real beacon of passion and clarity, and celebrates the songs at their finest!"

Dr. Dieter Bölzing