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Soprano - Andrea Doig

A refreshing album featuring Andrea's light and beautiful soprano voice in a crossover mix of Celtic folk, contemporary pop and classical favorites accompanied by harp, piano, Irish flute and bhodran (Irish drum).

"On this album, I've enjoyed giving classical songs a folk flavour and singing folk songs in a classical style. Ireland is a recurring theme, the influence coming both from my ancestry, and from the wonderful holidays that I've had in Kerry. I love singing these songs as they fit beautifully in the voice, and I hope you enjoy them too."

Andrea Doig

"Andrea has taken well known melodies and added her haunting Irish lilt. The effect is wonderful to the ear. The soft lyrics accompanied by piano, harp, and flute resonate within my soul."

Curry Walker

"Serenity is a beautiful treat to the ear that recharges the soul with dreaminess and wonder. Andrea's voice lifts these 16 timeless classics to new heights."

David P. Steel, Copywriter

"This CD is a real beacon of passion and clarity, and celebrates the songs at their finest!"

Dr. Dieter Bölzing